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Medieval 2 total war kingdoms grand campaign mod 4.1

medieval 2 total war kingdoms grand campaign mod 4.1

Cheap missile units now only buildable at bowyer!
Including new hero Frederick Barbarossa.
Emperor Barbarossa commanding his troops on the battlefield.
Here are some screen shots below from Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod Final.I aim to try and not lose the flavour of the original game to much.Campaign and AI -Improved battle AI thanks to Lusted.Thanks to Lusted for his help with banners and latest AI in this mod.A massive mod adding a lot of content.Spurius for his great map.Character movement points increased (military stays the same for.5 years) -Money script for all AI factions for a harder AI opponent.Above Saladin is forced to use his hero ability righteousness of faith.New music added the newlywed game music including the Teutonic music for eastern European factions.This mod plays and feels just like the original campaign, except for being better.Venetain Heavy Infantry (attack) stat_pri increased from 7 up.Repman and DLV team for their outstanding mod and ideas.
You do not need the game unpacked.