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Defender pro pc medic reviews

defender pro pc medic reviews

Dont forget to resupply your assault friends too.
Developer dice has always excelled in creating big, chaotic war zones that thrive with dozens of players, but Battlefield 1s transposition to the muddy trenches, scorching deserts and flak-full skies of World War I brings with it a whole host of new things to get.
As with Conquest, it pays to invest your time into chasing objectives rather than sitting on a hilltop and headshotting your foes as they run past.For instance, targeting treads has a chance to render a tank immobile, or targeting a gunbox has a chance to take out the gunner inside.Attackers have limited tickets (or lives) and are responsible for pushing forward towards each objective, and the Defenders are free to die as much as they please they just have to keep the attackers from taking key objectives throughout multiple stages.A particularly fantastic map for sniping is Fao Fortress, where you can use a couple of points on the map to get an incredible view of the action playing out below you.Ive been able to take out scouts on a distant hillside with an LMG before, but only after firing for a few seconds.Essentially, its a game of Capture the Flag the pigeon operates as the flag, but its a moving target that you have to catch.The default smle is also amazing considering you start with.Mobile Spotter Key items: trench periscope, sniper shield 3d ipl cricket games Good for: directing team movement, spotting enemies The spotting scope is surprisingly powerful tool that lets a player see peek over cover without exposing themselves.Theyre not safe there either.While defending an objective, your teammates are probably getting gassed, suppressed, mortared, and worst of all, grumpy.Battlefield 1 guide Classes Support, support is the heavy option in Battlefield 1, carrying a fantastically grunty Lewis Gun as its default its so good that itll comfortably see you through the majority of your time online.Help turn their frowns upside down with a medical crate, a deployable bandage box with a small healing AoE.Gas and shotguns are a match made in hell.Topped off with an LMG that features a high rate of fire, the Tank Friend is capable of holding their own in unexpected infantry shootouts too.Oh, and try not to aim from iron sights get in close enough and firing from the hip is the best way to play.Tank Flanker Key items: K bullets, tripwire bomb, smoke grenade Good for: disabling or finishing off vehicles, interrupting repairs Finally, a scout class that doesnt need to touch the tank to do damage.
As a Tank Flanker, you wont do the bulk of damage to vehicles, but due to the precision of your K bullets, you can target specific parts of a vehicle to potentially disable them.