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Creating a photography logo in photoshop cs6

creating a photography logo in photoshop cs6

Here is a great place to browse brushes: m/brushes.
Finally, I cropped the final image.
This watermark has two concentric circles with text between them and a set of wavy lines making it reminiscent of a post office stamp cancellation.
And, I set the Blending Mode to (you guessed it!) Pin Light.Make sure that the option on the Tool Option bar is set to Path and hold Shift as you drag a circle on the screen.Posted in, article, Graphic, Photoshop 7 months ago Written by, do you want to create own photography logo design in Photoshop?Part One of our series and create our watermark.Lin and Jirsa Photography Blog this size is set to 850px wide.6) Draw the gradient Now, proceed to draw the gradient from the center of our rectangular bar, and click and drag until you reach the edge of the image as shown office 365 home pricing uk below.How to design a photography Logo In Photoshop.If this article has been useful, please spread the love!Feel free to add your thoughts and insight to the comments below.We are going to use the Brush tool to add an embellishment to the center of the card.Click once to anchor the Text tool to the path.This strokes the path with the current brush.Here is our logo below.Make it the same size as your image by choosing Image Resize, deselect the Constrain Proportions checkbox and click Window and click your copyright image file to use its dimensions.Array(5) "name" string(9) "Ruleset 3" "threshold" string(1) "2" "paragraphs" string(2) "15" "days" string(0) " "ads" array(8) 0 array(6) "width" int(300) "height" int(250) "tag" string(29) "placement" string(10) "percentage" "placement_value" string(2) "20" "screen" string(6) "mobile" 1 array(6) "width" int(300) "height" int(250) "tag" string(29) "placement" string(10) "percentage" "placement_value".This is a transparent layer on which youll place the circles.Click on the path and it will select the entire path.First create a new layer then select the Wave shape and on the Tool Options bar make sure that it is set to Path.
Since the logo is already centered horizontally on the page, you want to make sure you hold down Shift as you left-click drag the logo down.
However, as a photographer, you are already creative, so why not use your creativity to customize your own branding that is a perfect representation of you?