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Characters in friday the 13th 2009

characters in friday the 13th 2009

Trent Trent Alpha Bitch : A rare male example Dirty Coward : When he realizes Jason is really out there killing, he attempts to save himself and at first Jenna and leave Clay for dead, then when Jenna goes with Clay against Trent's demands,.
Expy : She's a very loose amalgamation of Chris Higgins from convenient action narendra modi pdf part 3, who was connected to the owner of a lakeside summer 3d speed driver game house, and Trish Jarvis from part 4, who was helping the brother of one of Jason's victims.
Girl Next Door : She's still beauty pageant level gorgeous and dating the rich preppy jock, but is still portrayed as the comparatively decent and good natured member of the pack of boozey jackals.The Hero Dies : While most of the action is driven by Clay, the majority of the film is from her perspective til about 5 minutes before the end.Screams Like a Little Girl : When Bree's body falls in conversor para formato iso front of him, he gives this out in reaction.Fanservice : Pretty much all she does is wakeboard topless and die.Hate Sink : With literally no redeeming qualities whatsoever, it's truly a mystery why Jenna even dates this guy to begin with.Around The Web, powered by ZergNet.The two never even interact.Big Bad : Of the reboot.Wrong Genre Savvy : While running away from Jason, Trent comes across a truck, whose driver is willing to pick him.Hair-Trigger Temper : The guy tries to throw his panicked and crying girlfriend out of his house and into the wilderness purely just because she spoke to a guy in general that wasn't him.Fanservice : She's the one to provide nudity for the audience.Too Dumb to Live : See Wrong Genre Savvy below.Only to reveal not too long after that she's still alive, and aims to keep it that way.He digs out an extensive tunnel network, and deliberately uses hunting tactics to winnow out or kill his victims.