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A guide to claims based identity and access control

a guide to claims based identity and access control

Claims-Based Architectures shows you how to use claims with browser-based applications and smart client applications.
A Guide to Claims-based Identity and Access Control is a guidance offering, designed to be reused, customized, and extended.
Even if someone in charge of dreamer ro full client your company's security policy changes how users authenticate, you still get the information, and it's always in the same format.
This Guide covers such scenarios.Book content on msdn.Language: English, a Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control, Second Edition - Book Download.This edition also has a set of associated Hands-on-Labs that will help you to better understand the way that the example application works, how you can extend it with additional functionality, and how you can implement some of the advanced scenarios described in the guide.Check out the new labs we just released that complement the guide content.Note: The example code for this guide and for the associated Hands-on-Labs was built using the Azure Tools for Visual Studio version.3 (March 2011 and has also been tested using version.4 (August 2011) of the tools.Federated Identity with Multiple Partners is a variation of the federated identity scenario that shows you how to federate with partners who have no issuer of their own as well as those who.This guide was produced by the following individuals: Program and Product Management: Eugenio Pace Subject Matter Experts: Dominic Betts, Dominick Baier, Vittorio Bertocci, Keith Brown, and Matias Woloski Development: Scott Densmore, Federico Boerr and Nicolas Paez Test team: Masashi Narumoto, Rathi Velusamy and RaviShankar Chemudupati.Although this may be something that you can also implement with Integrated Windows Authentication, it is the first stop on the way to implementing more complex scenarios.It is intended for any architect, developer, or information technology (IT) professional who designs, builds, or operates Web applications and services that require identity information about their users.Only within the last year have tools been released to make claims-based identity generally available to applications on the Windows platform.First edition of the Guide.The Guide will contain a few introductory chapters that will cover the basics of Claims based Identity, common terminology, protocols and technologies.This is the "theory" part of the book and we hope it will be useful for those new to the subject.
Securing rest Services shows how to use the claims-based approach with web services, one piece episode 421 bahasa indonesia whereby a partner uses a smart client that communicates with identity providers and token issuers using rest-based services.
These are very specific, commonly occurring scenarios where we surface goals, challenges and solutions in concrete contexts.